Selby Deanery

Situated at the south western most edge of the Diocese of York, Selby is a mainly rural area. The town of Selby is home to the medieval abbey church of Selby Abbey. The area’s industries were traditionally shipbuilding and coal mining, but today the economy relies on arable farming and the power stations of Drax, Eggborough and Ferrybridge. Find out more about the churches in Selby Deanery here.

Listen to the Archbishop speaking on BBC Radio York on Sunday, giving thanks for the work he has seen throughout his Pilgrimage.  With just 4 weeks to go on the Pilgrimage, BBC Radio York spoke to the Archbishop as he visited his 100th school this week at the Selby Deanery.  The interview was recorded at Sherburn High School where the sixth formers had prepared questions on food, the journey of his Pilgrimage and of becoming an Archbishop.  Archbishop Sentamu spoke about his love for God's own county and that every Christian is a witness to the love of God in Jesus Christ - (from 00:18:00 mins in)

This week's journey...
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Having a visible presence in the community is key to the Edge Community here on the Flaxley Rd estate, and on Wednesday the Archbishop certainly contributed to that. God has led us out onto the streets to connect and build community and it was wonderful to have Archbishop John a part of that.

As well as meeting and connecting with local adults and children, he was able to speak with and encourage a number of unchurched teenagers who were confirmed on Easter day.

He encouraged us to continue to "stand in the gap" and be "watchmen" as we seek to share God's love and truth and bring people into a relationship with God.

​Captain Richard Cooke CA

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Staff and students were honoured to meet and welcome the Archbishop of York to Sherburn High School this week as he continued on his pilgrimage around the Diocese of York. The Archbishop was charismatic and inspirational as he answered questions on a variety of topics including that his favourite food is lamb! He spoke of his childhood in Uganda and his coming to Cambridge to study theology which fascinated our students.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed meeting the Archbishop; he was warm, enthusiastic and inspirational, leaving us all feeling uplifted and delighted to have been a part of his pilgrimage!

Students commented that he was really funny, casual and made you feel relaxed and that he was a genuinely, lovely man! Deputy Head Boy James Colton said ‘The Archbishop was very inspiring and encouraged us all to live happy and positive lives and to always be yourself.’

Mrs Ann Hannam 

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The Archbishop arrived at St Francis, Thorpe Willoughby, after calling in for chips at the local chippy.  He was warmly welcomed at St Francis and refreshments were enjoyed whilst various members of the church engaged him in conversation.  This was followed by the Archbishop leading worship and prayers, incorporating the special prayer beads and prayer cards given to all.

After this, the Archbishop and others walking with him, set off through the pleasant woods at Brayton Barff and on to Brayton village.  Here, Fernbank Court residential home was visited, with the Archbishop meeting several of the more senior residents.  It was much appreciated by all.  Finally, the Archbishop went on to St Wilfrid's Church, were he again led worship and prayers as before.  

It was a fascinating day, and personally, I gained much from Archbishop Sentamu's wise reflections on the Lord's Prayer, and his counsel on prayer itself.  His accounts of some of the amazing things that have happened during his pilgrimage, were an inspiring reminder of the Holy Spirit's continuing activity in ordinary lives.

Martin Pearson

19th April 2016

9.00am Pilgrimage Prayers at St Ricarius Aberford - all welcome. 10am Walk through Aberford to the Aberford Alms Houses. 11am at St Mary Micklefield - all welcome. Visit Fairburn Primary School. Leave around 2.00pm to walk around Fairburn village - all welcome. Call at Lady Elizabeth Hastings CofE Primary School around 3.00pm. 4.00pm Pilgrimage Prayers at All Saints, Ledsham - all welcome. 7.30pm An Evening with Archbishop Sentamu at Selby Town Hall - all welcome.

20th April 2016

9.00am Pilgrimage Prayers at St James Selby - all welcome. Walk to Scott Road Community Centre - all welcome. Call in to Council Offices then Selby Hospital. Leave around 12.15pm to walk to Gowthorpe for lunch at The Giant Bellflower- all welcome. Walk to Selby Abbey School - all welcome. Walk to the Edge Community to visit the Bus Project. Leave around 4.30pm to walk to Selby Abbey for Pilgrimage Prayers at 5.15pm - all welcome.


21st April 2016

2.30pm Sherburn High School. Leave around 3.00pm to walk through Sherburn. Pilgrimage Prayers at All Saints at 4.00pm - all welcome.


22nd April 2016

9.00am Pilgrimage Prayers at St Peter & St Paul Drax - all welcome. Walk to visit Drax Primary School. Visit Drax powerstation. Lunch with staff and pupils from Chapel Haddlesey Primary School. 1.00pm Leave Community Hall to walk through Chapel Haddlesey to end of the village of West Haddlesey - all welcome. Visit Hambleton CE Primary School. Leave around 3.30pm to walk to St Mary Hambleton for Pilgrimage Prayers at 4.00pm - all welcome.

23rd April 2016

8.30am Pilgrimage Prayers at St Mary’s South Milford - all welcome. Leave around 9.15am to walk to WI Hall and playing fields then on to village boundary - all welcome. Drive to Monk Fryston. 10.40am Monk Fryston & Hillam Community Centre. Leave village hall to walk to Monk Fryston Hall grounds - all welcome. 11.30am Monk Fryston Post Office for refreshments. Meet at 12.15pm at Thorpe Willoughby Village Hall to walk through village ending at St Francis, Thorpe Willoughby for Pilgrimage Prayers at 12.45pm - all welcome. Leave around 1.30pm to walk to Brayton - all welcome. Leave Fernbank Court around 4.30pm to walk to St Wilfrid’s, Brayton for Pilgrimage Prayers at 5.00pm - all welcome.


24th April 2016

8.30am Pilgrimage Prayers at Cawood Church - all welcome. 10.45am Eucharist at All Saints Sherburn in Elmet - all welcome. 3.00pm Selby Abbey Service for St George’s Day - all welcome.

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