New Ainsty Deanery

Lying to the south west of York, the Deanery of New Ainsty consists of many villages as well as the market towns of Boston Spa and Tadcaster. The area has long been associated with the brewing industry due to the quality and accessibility of the local water, and Tadcaster is home today to The Tower Brewery (Coors, formerly Bass), John Smith’s and Samuel Smith’s Old Brewery. Find out more about the churches in New Ainsty Deanery here.

BBC Radio York have followed the Archbishop's Pilgrimage from Whitby to Middlesbrough to Hull and this week catch up with him at St Mary's Askham Richard. In his interview the Archbishop spoke about his prayers at Tadcaster this week and the spirit of the people. He reflected on the importance of water, of 'living water' and the Taize chant used for prayers on his Pilgrimage 'Let all who are thirsty come'. St Mary's Askham Richard has a knitted scarf which surrounds the building - the funds raised from this supported Wateraid projects. As Patron, the Archbishop has visited many projects and spoke about how fresh clean safe water brings huge transformations. (listen from 00:17:45 mins in)  

This week's journey...
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We were all thrilled yesterday when Archbishop Sentamu called in to meet the children and staff at Poppleton Ousesbank Primary School during his pilgrimage.

After meeting all the children in the Nursery and Reception, the Archbishop led an assembly for the rest of the school.  After listening to the Y4 children singing the Ed Sheeran song ‘Photograph’ he picked out the key messages from the song and spoke about the context of love and God’s work.                                    

He answered some of the children’s questions, one of which being ‘ Where did you get your inspiration from?’  He then spoke about how as a ten year old boy he was inspired by his father’s work and faith.  The children all thoroughly enjoyed the assembly and sat spellbound whilst listening to the Archbishop speak.

We consider the Archbishop a great friend to our school and all feel very privileged to have been included in his Pilgrimage.

Mrs O'Hara

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After Pilgrim Prayers at St Giles’ Copmanthorpe the Archbishop walked to Copmanthorpe Primary School where he was greeted enthusiastically by the children and quizzed about how do get to be an Archbishop?  A walk across the A64 to Askham Bryan Agricultural College for lunch with a group of students and staff with some challenging questions on the EU debate.

After meeting local villagers over tea, Pilgrim Prayers concluded the afternoon in St Nicholas Church, Askham Bryan.

‘An evening with the Archbishop of York’ in the Tithe Barn, Nether Poppleton covered further questions on current theological and ethical debates.  This all made for a challenging time for the Archbishop, to which he responded with grace and wisdom.

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The Archbishop of York decided to stop by at Tadcaster Grammar School today to speak to Sixth Form students about relevant issues we see in the news. 

The event was very informal which allowed us as students to have more of an insightful discussion rather than a one sided talk. Topics included the current Syrian refugee crisis which gave me an interesting alternative view on the situation which I would not have otherwise considered. Another point of discussion was the Archbishop's view on veganism and whether he believes animals should be treated equal to humans. The Archbishop had the whole of Sixth Form laughing when he asked us whether we had ever considered that the plants vegans eat also have feelings?

Sixth Form students then said goodbye and good luck to the Archbishop, with a great appreciation for how religion can have a positive influence on our opinions towards current political situations.

Greg Brewster-Head Boy

26th April 2016

9.00am Pilgrimage Prayers at All Saints Rufforth - all welcome. Visit Harewood Whin and Long Marston School. The Collingwood in Poppleton for lunch. Leave around 1.10pm to walk to Poppleton Ousebank School - all welcome. Leave around 2.30pm to walk to Poppleton shops - all welcome. 3.40pm visit Community Centre Cafe. Leave around 4.00pm to walk to St Everilda's Church for Pilgrimage Prayers at 4.30pm - all welcome.


27th April 2016

9am Assembly at Archbishop of York Junior School, Bishopthorpe- Later will join the 9.30am Eucharist at St Giles Copmanthorpe - all welcome. Leave at 10.30am to walk to Copmanthorpe Primary School for a visit. Leave around 11.30am to walk to Askham Bryan College - all welcome. Leave around 2.30pm to walk to Askham Bryan Village Hall for refreshments - all welcome. Leave around 4.10pm to walk to St Nicholas Church Askham Bryan for Pilgrimage Prayers at 4.30pm - all welcome. 7.30pm 'An Evening with Archbishop Sentamu' at Poppleton Tithe Barn - all welcome.


28th April 2016

9.00am Meet at Tadcaster Bus Station to walk across the temporary bridge to the river bank near the church. Leave 9.30am to walk to St Andrew’s Newton Kyme for Pilgrimage Prayers at 10.30am - all welcome. Leave around 11.15am to walk to Tadcaster Grammar School - all welcome. 2.00pm St John's Kirkby Wharfe. Leave at 2.10pm to walk to Kirk Fenton - all welcome. Visit the school. 4.30pm visit Leeds East Airport.


29th April 2016

Visit HMP Wealstun. 9.40am Pilgrimage Prayers at All Saints Thorpe Arch - all welcome. Leave around 10.30am to walk to St Mary’s Primary School Boston Spa - all welcome. Visit St John’s Catholic School for the Deaf. 1.15pm visit Tockwith Primary School. Visit Hutton Wandesley Estate. 3.15pm Refreshments at Bilbrough Village Hall - all welcome. Leave around 3.30pm to walk to St Mary Askham Richard for Pilgrimage Prayers at 4.15pm - all welcome. 7.00pm Youth Club meeting at Tockwith Church.

30th April 2016

9.00am Pilgrimage Prayers at All Saints Wighill - all welcome. Leave at 9.45am to walk to The Chequers in Bilton in Ainsty - all welcome. Leave around 11.45am to walk to Healaugh Memorial Hall for lunch - all welcome. Leave at 1.30pm to walk to Hutton Wandesley - all welcome. 2.35pm leave Get Ahead Hats to walk to Hessay Methodist Church then on to St John's Hessay- all welcome. 4.00pm Refreshments at Moor Monkton Old School Room - all welcome. Leave around 4.30pm to walk to All Saints Church Moor Monkton for Pilgrimage Prayers at 5.00pm - all welcome.

1st May 2016

8.00am Pilgrimage Prayers at St Paul’s Colton - all welcome. 9.15am Rogation walk around Bolton Percy - all welcome. 11.00am Celebration Service at St John Acaster Selby - all welcome. 1.15pm Walk through Stubb Wood to Acaster Malbis for Pilgrimage Prayers at Holy Trinity Church at 1.45pm - all welcome.

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