Information for churches and schools

Archbishop Sentamu is travelling across the Diocese of York, to meet people and share the Good News of Jesus Christ with them. This will be a Pilgrimage of Prayer, Witness and Blessing. Archbishop Sentamu will be praying for people he meets and will take every opportunity to talk to everyone he meets about the love of God. He will be keeping watch for the places where God’s Kingdom is breaking in, and seeking to bless them.

You can join in by praying for the Pilgrimage, or why not meet him on the road? If Archbishop Sentamu is visiting your parish or school, please do take photos and videos of what the Archbishop is doing there. Your contributions will help map the journey and provide an opportunity to see all the places of prayer, witness and blessing close to you. Photographs of school children will not be added online, without an accompanying note to confirm media permission. You can submit them by using a free service to email

If you’re inviting media to come along, here are a few points to bear in mind:

  • Reporters and photographers are welcome to come and speak to the Archbishop, or take photos of him, but they must fit in with the Archbishop’s plans. He cannot go to studios for interviews, or to a different location for posed photos.
  • The Archbishop will be talking about the Pilgrimage, not any events which might be happening nationally.
  • Please use the following form of words to describe what’s happening where you are: “From 1st December 2015 to 22nd May 2016, Archbishop Sentamu is taking part in a Pilgrimage of Prayer, Witness and Blessing across the Diocese of York, from the Humber to the Tees and the A1 to the coast. As part of that Pilgrimage, he will be coming to * on , and visiting and *.”
  • If you have any questions relating to photos or media, please contact Elizabeth Addy at

Advice for those joining the Archbishop’s Pilgrimage for Walks

Thank you for your interest in walking with the Archbishop during his Pilgrimage of Prayer, Witness and Blessing.  Before you set out you may want to take note of the following advice to ensure your safety and enjoyment on the walk.

The walks on the Pilgrimage have been planned with the expectation that they are accessible to a person of average fitness.  Obviously you will need to make a judgement about your own health and fitness before joining the walk.  

  •          You join them at your own risk and of your own free will.
  •          You are responsible for your own safety
  •          You deem the route to be within your capability

In rural areas particularly there may be short but steep climbs, as well as being areas that may be slippery.  Please ensure that you follow the Countryside Code at all times.

In urban areas there will be pavements, but please do make sure that the Pilgrimage walk does not create an obstruction to other road users.  Please also be careful crossing roads, as some of these will be busy.  At all times please follow the Highway Code.

The walks are not circular and so you will need to make sure that you are able to make your own way back from the end of the walk.

In joining the walk, but during the winter months in particular, please ensure that you are suitably dressed.  In cold weather you should ensure that you have

  • a waterproof coat and trousers
  • Walking boots
  • Cold weather hat- preferably with ear flaps
  • Gloves
  • Walking socks
  • Thermal layers
  • Water bottle
  • Energy snacks
  • Torch
  • Hi-visibility vest if walking at the end of the day

As you walk with the Archbishop, we do pray that you will enjoy seeing God at work, and that you will be refreshed in your own faith and you talk and pray with others.

Pilgrimage Resources for Schools

To help schools learn more about the Northern Saints who inspired the Archbishop to undertake his Pilgrimage across the diocese, the Archbishop of York’s Youth Trust and the Diocese of York Education Team have created a set of free activities, resources and lesson ideas to download and use.

To download the resources please go to:

Further Support for Church Schools

If you are a church school the Diocese of York has produced support materials designed as a starting point for you to explore what it means to be a part of the diocesan family and how to make this visible in school.  For more information go to